United Way takes our role as a trusted community leader very seriously. As a result, we have a long tradition of adhering to very high standards of accountability and transparency.


Standards Summary United Way Suncoast agrees to participate in, and submit to United Way Worldwide, a community-driven self-assessment of its community impact, financial management, decision making, and organizational governance. These assessments are reviewed by United Way volunteers, professional leaders and outside experts in areas such as financial management, governance, and ethics. United Way reports full revenue and expense data to United Way Worldwide for third-party review. United Way submits our annual reports, IRS 990 forms, financial audits and codes of ethics to United Way Worldwide for third-party review.


These comprehensive upgrades to the standards will make United Way reporting practices more consistent across the country and help donors and the public better understand how United Ways are investing donor dollars wisely and efficiently to achieve community impact.


Each year, United Way engages the services of a certified public accounting firm to audit our financial records as well as prepare our IRS Form 990, the annual tax return for nonprofit organizations. Currently, the firm of Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. serves as our auditors.


The Board of Directors of United Way has constituted and established an Audit & Ethics Committee. This committee has developed a Code of Ethics. The purpose of the Code is to describe standards of conduct and business ethics expected of the directors, officers, standing committee members, and employees of United Way Suncoast.

Directors, officers, standing committee members, and employees of United Way must strictly adhere to the letter and spirit of this Code and of all laws, rules, and regulations applicable to the conduct of United Way’s business and must exercise high standards of integrity and sound ethical judgment.

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