On April 13, 2009, United Way Suncoast opened the Sulphur Springs Resource Center at 8412 North 12th Street, Tampa, FL 33604. The Resource Center grew out of a dialogue with community leaders to understand and address what the neighborhood wanted and needed to thrive — a place for adults to go for learning, to gain computer access, and engage in workforce development activities. The result is more than five years of neighborhood successes.

As of 2013, more than 42,000 individuals have been served, nearly 1,300 programs and classes have been provided, and nearly $200,000 in community savings has been generated through use of the Center’s business services.

The Resource Center offers programs and services including job training, financial counseling, benefit and legal assistance, education mentoring, classes, and workshops. Residents use the computers, attend book clubs, take GED classes, and participate in leadership training and personal growth assistance.

Our strategies have led to 100 residents participating in GED classes, more than 500 individuals receiving resume services to gain employment or improve their employment circumstances, and more than 100 residents reporting they used the Center to get job placement last year alone (2012 – 2013).

The Sulphur Springs Resource Center is a place that encourages residents to envision a safe, healthy neighborhood where they can learn and thrive.


  • Bay Area Legal Services
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay
  • Champions for Children
  • City of Tampa – Parks and Recreation Department
  • Conn Memorial Foundation
  • Crisis Center of Tampa Bay
  • Department of Health
  • Deveruex Kids
  • Hillsborough Community College
  • Hillsborough County School District – Sulphur Springs Elementary School
  • Prosperity Campaign
  • Sulphur Springs Neighborhood Alliance
  • Sulphur Springs Neighborhood Association
  • Sulphur Springs Residents
  • Suncoast Centers – Ways to Work
  • Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance
  • Tampa Police Department
  • Tampa YMCA


  • Addresses the employment, financial stability and training issues for the community
  • Crisis Center of Tampa Bay: Provides resources and referrals for families attending school and services to the community
  • United Way Suncoast – Prosperity Campaign of Hillsborough County: Free tax services for limited income households in Hillsborough County


Strategy 1: To recognize and realize education as a lifelong pursuit that benefits both the individual and the Sulphur Springs neighborhood.

Strategy 2: To promote enhanced employment for Sulphur Springs’ resident youth and adults as a means of increasing income and achieving individual and family well-being.

Strategy 3: To champion neighborhood restoration in Sulphur Springs in recognition of the role that sound infrastructure, decent housing, and a high-quality environment must play in assuring the continuing viability of the community.

Strategy 4: To address neighborhood facility needs as the basis for enhanced programs and services that can bring Sulphur Springs together for the good of the community.