Operation Graduate, in Clearwater’s North Greenwood neighborhood, is a partnership between United Way Suncoast, the Clearwater Police Department, Pinellas County School District, and St. Petersburg College. The focus of Operation Graduate is on-time high school graduation. The program targets two groups of students. One takes credit recovery classes so they can graduate with their peers; the other group is introduced to college and work experiences.


To increase the number of youth with on-time graduation.

To introduce college and work experiences to youth. One hundred percent of dual enrollment students passed the college experience component of the project.

To develop life skills among youth.

To provide youth and families with service referrals and interventions.


Pinellas County School District

Provides educational opportunities through Credit Recovery and Dual Enrollment.

St. Petersburg College

Provides college courses and college experience for teens through Dual Enrollment.

Clearwater Police Department

Provides partnership through facility usage, recruitment, mentorship, and program implementation and funding.

Clearwater Parks and Recreation

Provides recreational scholarship for teens at North Greenwood Aquatic Center.


Strategy 1: To champion the development of children and youth in North Greenwood in recognition of the role they will play in preparing for their future and assuring the continuing viability of the community.

Strategy 2: To improve the economic development of North Greenwood in terms of its human and physical resources.

Strategy 3: To implement strategies that recognize education as a lifelong pursuit that benefits both the individual and the North Greenwood neighborhood.

Strategy 4: To leverage North Greenwood’s existing strong leadership and develop future leaders by investing in their continuing development, including an emphasis on collaboration and cooperation for the good of the community.