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Prescription Drug Assistance

United Way is pleased to offer the SingleCare Prescription Drug Discount Card. This card is free, with no enrollment, activation, or fees, and there are no age or income restrictions. The card can be used by the whole family and is for people with no insurance or for medicine not covered by insurance, Medicare, or other benefit plans. Average discounts equal approximately 30 percent or more and the card is accepted at most pharmacies nationwide, including all major chains.

CLICK HERE to see a listing of participating Florida pharmacies

How Does the Card Work?

The SingleCare cards are prescription drug cards. They reduce the cost of medicine and are self-explanatory. (All cards are bilingual — English and Spanish).

Show the card to your pharmacist with a prescription from your doctor. The discount varies by medication, and the pharmacist will apply the discount automatically. Cardholders will save eight times out of 10 over the pharmacy prices. The only time there is no discount is when the pharmacy price is already lower because people always pay the lowest price.

All FDA-approved brand and generic prescription medications are covered with the exception of mail-order prescription services.

Who Can Use the Card?

SingleCare prescription drug discount cards can be used by everyone in the community — not just people without insurance.

They can be used by people with health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare during deductible periods; or for medications not covered by their plan; and for people with Medicare Part D during the “doughnut hole.” The cards cannot be used simultaneously on the same prescription to get a discount on the co-pay, for example, but it can be used if a prescription plan doesn’t cover a particular drug.

Financial Stability

United Way Suncoast, with partnerships across the community, is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by leading and participating in programs focused on helping families and individuals increase income and build financial assets.

Improve the lives of children, families and
communities today.

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