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Improve the lives of children, families and
communities today.


Bank On provides access to safe and affordable banking products.

Receive your Economic Impact Payments faster and more safely with direct deposit. 

Open a Bank On certified checking account online to receive your coronavirus stimulus check money faster and more safely. Please see the list below for no-overdraft and low-cost Bank On certified checking accounts recommended by United Way Suncoast. After you open an account following the steps below, enter your account number and routing number on the IRS website to receive your check as quickly and safely as possible.

For banking and online financial education resources for Florida residents, please click here.

On Certified Accounts available in the Suncoast Region

If you are not in the Suncoast region, please go to the Bank On national website for more information.

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Steps to open a Bank On certified account 

You can easily open a Bank On certified account online within minutes. Go to the links above that say “open an account online ” and fill out an account application form. 

To open your new account online, you may need:

  • Social Security Number or ITIN number
  • State-issued identification (like your Driver’s License)
  • Passport or a country-issued identification card
  • Mailing address
  • Date of Birth

    All certified accounts can also be opened in each certified financial institution’s local branches. Be sure to refer to the specific account names listed above. If you would like one-on-one assistance to open a Bank On certified account, consider making an appointment with a United Way Suncoast Financial Resource Guide.

    Learn more about FDIC #GetBanked at

    Benefits of Getting Banked

    • A bank or credit union account can help you manage your financial transactions, transfers, direct deposit your payroll, set up automated savings, and prevent fraud.
    • Your money in a bank or credit union account is safe and insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).
    • A relationship with a bank or credit union can help you gain access to credit and save for the future.

    Find a Bank Near You

    Please use the map below to find a bank or credit union near you!

    About Bank On Suncoast

    Bank On Suncoast is a grassroots coalition that consists of federal regulators, local governments, nonprofits, and insured financial institutions. The coalition aims to improve the financial stability of individuals who do not have any bank accounts or use alternative financial services like check-cashing services. Bank On’s goal is to ensure that everyone has access to safe and affordable banking services and products.

    Ways to get involved in Bank On work

    • Refer Bank On certified accounts to your friends and families who need safe and affordable checking accounts.
    • Request an in-person or virtual banking education workshop for your program, group, or organization. The Bank On 101 module covers the essentials of personal banking.
    • Integrate Bank On certified account opening process into your programs and services. The coalition partners with social programs and services that provide direct payments (e.g., wage, stipend) to individual clients. Using a safe and affordable bank account is one of the most effective approaches to learn about safe banking practices.
    • Refer your financial institution partners to Bank On Suncoast. The coalition encourages all insured financial institutions to consider certifying a checking account to meet the Bank On National Account Standards.
    • Join the coalition and receive updates of Bank On events and training resources by contacting

    Financial Stability

    United Way Suncoast, with partnerships across the community, is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by leading and participating in programs focused on helping families and individuals increase income and build financial assets.

    Improve the lives of children, families and
    communities today.

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