According to the 2023 ALICE Report, a family of four with an infant and a preschooler needs to annually make $88,000 to live comfortably. Two out of every five families in our Suncoast region don’t earn enough to address their basic household budget needs.

As the statistics from the 2023 ALICE Report roll in, we recognize that more people find themselves living paycheck to paycheck and working hard to keep their heads over water. But we also recognize the best way to help ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained Employed) families involves uniting the community behind a collective effort that includes a focus on Financial Stability. 

We offer a series of initiatives to partner with families and community members and help them create the life they imagine for themselves. These include:

  • Free tax preparation
  • Banking access for the unbanked/underbanked
  • Financial coaching
  • Financial literacy 

In addition to our own initiatives, United Way Suncoast invests in partnerships across the region focused on helping families and individuals increase income and build financial assets.

United Way Suncoast also leads with an increasing focus on work development programs. These programs seek to provide individuals with the skills, knowledge and/or credentials that qualify them for higher paying, stable jobs. 

Please use the tabs above to explore our Financial Stability section and learn more about our various efforts. United Way Suncoast works every day to empower families and community members and create greater economic mobility. As we approach our Centennial Celebration, we know this mission will continue well into our second century of service.

Financial Stability

United Way Suncoast, with partnerships across the community, is committed to leading and participating in programs focused on helping families and individuals increase income and build financial assets.

Improve the lives of children, families and
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