United Way Suncoast’s Financial Wellness At Work Program

When You Help Your Employees, You Help Your Business

The financial health of your team members is as important as their physical and mental health. Nationally, 56 percent of employees report having financial stress. These employees spend three hours or more per week on personal issues during the workday, impacting their workplace performance and your business.

Poor financial health can have disastrous consequences for your employees’ performance, workplace motivation, attendance, and retention.

Help your employees with these pressing issues by joining United Way Suncoast’s Financial Wellness at Work (FWW) program. We can partner to provide your staff essential preventative care, help them mitigate the risks of a financial crisis and offer additional support with referrals to our specialist community partners.

Four key components to our services:

1) Small Dollar Loan Support

Through a partnership with a local financial institution, eligible employees can access microloans repaid through payroll deduction—providing safe and reasonable lending opportunities to avoid a crisis and build credit.

2) Financial Wellness Campaigns

Every month, we will share information on timely financial topics and encourage employees to take action such as getting banked during onboarding, contributing to retirement plans and utilizing our free tax preparation services.

3) Financial Coaching & Workshops

Wellness-at-Work includes access to free 1-on-1 financial coaching services (valued at $257 per session) as well as group workshops on key financial topics that you and your employees would like to learn more about.

4) Community Resources

We will share up-to-date materials on local community resources and programs available to your employees, such as information on 2-1-1 and booklets on different financial topics.

We have the tools, resources and connections to help your team members manage a small financial challenge or a major crisis. Contact us with the form below to learn how you can bring Financial Wellness at Work to your business.

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