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United4Literacy Kits

PURPOSE – Kits developed for where community members naturally gather and equip dedicated community volunteers with the tools and training they need.  (Examples are churches, shelters, community centers and public housing.)

Kits were strategically designed to support school readiness (3-to-5-years-old.)

Training is provided to all locations.

DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND – Kits include community resources and educational games. Each game is an activity that reinforces pre-literacy and reading skills for a range of levels.

Working these activities will incorporate fun and learning within the children’s close circle of influence outside of their regular schooltime.

ASSESSMENTS FOR STUDENTS – Students enrolled are assessed for their reading level. This allows their teachers to tailor their lessons to best support each student’s needs.

INTERESTED IN A KIT – Do you have a community space where children naturally gather? If you are interested in helping children advance their skills in your community space, please click here

INTERESTED IN SPONSORING A KIT – If you are interested in sponsoring a kit in a space in your community, please click here to find out more. 

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