Talk With Me Baby

A public engagement campaign designed to increase the quantity and quality of language development in babies

Why Talk to Babies

New research demonstrates that language interactions are as important to babies’ brains as food is to their bodies and help generate vocabulary development. This will help them develop the foundation for entering kindergarten ready to learn, which sets them up for success in school and life.

The Goal

To create a culture in which the people in a baby’s life talk and interact positively with the baby starting in the third trimester of pregnancy


  • Train and encourage workforces (doctors, nurses, child care staff, home visitors, etc.) to model talking with babies during their regular interactions with them and to coach the families as appropriate
  • Provide free posters, handouts, website references, and other resources to workforces and families to remind them to practice new interaction styles
  • Continue to add new partners to share the information in a fun and informative manner. Baycare Medical Group Pediatrics and University of South Florida Pediatrics are getting involved by sharing new information with parents of babies during well-baby visits


Anyone can join the Talk With Me Baby campaign. Contact Ellen Zinzeleta at or 813-274-0938 for more information or how you can be involved.