New Worlds Reading Initiative

Your child may be eligible for Florida’s FREE at-home book delivery program that helps kids develop their reading skills!

  • New Worlds Reading delivers a free book and activity directly to your home to strengthen literacy skills, build reading confidence and foster a lifelong love of reading.
  • Once an eligible student is enrolled, they automatically receive free books and resources each month of the school year until they graduate fifth grade.
Eligibility Requirements:
  • Students must be either in VPK and not yet meeting age-appropriate standards according to FAST Star Early Literacy or in K-5th grade in a public or charter school and not yet reading on grade level.
  • If you are not sure if a child is eligible, please consult your child’s teacher.
  • More than 860,000 Florida students are estimated to be eligible for New Worlds Reading.
The program is administered by the University of Florida Lastinger Center for Learning, which has selected Scholastic as a partner.
The program is free and simple:
  • After applying, there will be a waiting period as New Worlds Reading confirms your child is eligible. You’ll receive an email notifying you once that process is complete.
  • From October through June, a book will be mailed to your home, completely free (that’s 9 free books per year!).
  • If you apply or your eligibility is confirmed after October, you’ll still receive all books from that school year. Some packages may change to include more than one book to catch up.
  • Each year, you and your child can select the books they want to receive, from adventures and comedies to non-fiction stories. Books are high-quality and age-appropriate based on your child’s grade level.
  • You can select books in English, Spanish, Haitian, Creole or Braille.
  • You will also receive literacy resources and activities to support you in sharing a book with your child. These activities help build kids’ confidence and literacy skills.

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