Read on myON Partnership

In collaboration with Hillsborough County Public Schools and other nonprofits in the community, United Way Suncoast was excited to launch the Read on myON Project in February of 2012. United Way Suncoast continues to invest funds to provide this service to all Hillsborough students.

The Read on myON Project provides myON reader to all children from birth through eighth grade in Hillsborough County.  The main goal of the Read on myON Project is to provide each child equitable access to the largest collection of enhanced digital books to encourage reading, increase literacy rates, and promote literacy throughout the community.

What Is myON Reader?

  • myON reader provides anytime, anywhere access to an expanding online collection of enhanced digital books with multimedia supports, including an embedded dictionary, text highlighting, and audio.
  • myON reader personalizes the reading experience and develops an individual profile for each student based on interests and reading ability as measured by the Lexile® Framework for Reading.
  • myON reader generates a recommended booklist tailored to encourage students to read more and further improve their reading skills, and it offers educators a solution that integrates with existing teaching tools.
  • myON reader gives students the opportunity to choose what they want to read, in a digital environment where they are comfortable, motivates them to become better and more confident readers and encourages them to take accountability for their reading growth.

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