An Angel in Scrubs

December 23, 2021

And the angel was her.

“I want to be the reason someone wakes up tomorrow and says, ‘This is a good day for me to live again,’” Tajh said just days after completing clinicals and working with patients. “Sometimes a lot of people want to do something, but they don’t have anyone or hear any encouraging words. I feel like I can definitely be that for someone because you never know what anyone is going through. A simple good morning or a simple hello can be the change between someone living and someone dying.”

Growing up, Tajh always envisioned herself as a registered nurse. She drew inspiration from a grandmother who worked as a children’s hospital administrator in her native Jamaica, and a mom who overcame health challenges to care for her.

Life, however, put some bends in her march towards nursing. She placed her educational pursuits at Hillsborough Community College on hold after doctors deemed the birth of her second child a high-risk pregnancy.

She got back on track through the certified nursing program at Sulphur Springs, a collaborative effort with Hillsborough Community College’s Allied Health Institute for Corporate and Continuing Education (HCC/ICCE). It not only helped her earn the certification, but it provided her with life skills training and words of encouragement from various social agencies. United Way Suncoast senior manager Kimberly Miller refers to the team as “The Village,” a group of supportive angels that delivered inspiration in multiple sessions.

Now Tajh seems primed to take the next step towards becoming an RN.

“They say a closed mouth doesn’t get fed,” Tajh said. “This situation definitely showed me there’s people out there who want to help, who live to help. It’s just a matter of making it known you would like the help.”

United Way Suncoast is making it known we need your help this holiday season. Your donation can help us lift up more community members like Tahj long after the holiday decorations come down. We work all year to create rewarding paths for those eager to earn financial stability.

United We Rise. United We Win.

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