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United Way Suncoast Begins Round Two of Distribution of over $1,300,000 of COVID-19 Relief Funds

In total, thirty-seven human service agencies serving 504,799 individuals and 280,141 families in desperate need throughout the Suncoast have been awarded emergency funding from the United Way Suncoast COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund just over the last few weeks.

TAMPA, FL – April 28, 2020 – United Way Suncoast launched the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund in March with an initial commitment of $250,000 to provide immediate emergency support to those most vulnerable to the economic and basic needs issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing uncertainty surrounding it. Thanks to our community uniting together, it has grown to over $1,300,000 and continues to grow. 100% OF THE FUND GOES DIRECTLY TO HELPING THOSE IN OUR COMMUNITY IMPACTED BY COVID-19.

With thousands across the Suncoast region out of work and struggling to access benefits from an overwhelmed system, members of our community need immediate help with access to food, emergency assistance, and other critical needs.

Human services agencies from throughout the five-county footprint of United Way Suncoast continue to apply for funding to help support individuals and families dealing with financial hardships caused by coronavirus and the need only continues to grow.

The first round of funding resulted in $322,094 being distributed to 14 human services agencies who serve 334,889 people, infants to seniors, in 194,407 households and the second round of funding $545,055 will be going to an additional 23 human services agencies, bringing the total individuals being served to over 500,000 in more than 280,000 families. The funds will support housing/shelter, food, childcare for first responders and essential workers, financial stability and mental health services. So far $867,149 has been distributed to 37 human services agencies and round three of additional funding to more human services agencies is quickly moving forward.

“United Way Suncoast, our donors, and volunteers are continuing to work hard to serve our community at a time of greatest need. Our region’s business community and many generous individuals have contributed to our COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund to ensure that we have the immediate resources to support the most vulnerable in our community. 100% of the fund goes directly to helping those in our community impacted by COVID-19.” says United Way CEO Jessica Muroff.

About United Way Suncoast

United Way Suncoast fights for the education and financial stability of every person in the community through educational programs that give children the skills to succeed, helping adults achieve long-term financial stability and activating caring individuals through volunteerism. We are proud to serve the people of DeSoto, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pinellas and Sarasota counties by operating and funding services and programs to help create a stronger, more vibrant community.

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