New Community Investment Process

In 2017 United Way Suncoast (UWS) made a commitment to review our investment process and strategies to ensure that we continue to align all community investments with our mission to break the cycle of generational poverty by focusing on early learning, youth success and financial stability initiatives.  

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We worked collaboratively with over 300 stakeholders across agencies, funders, donors, volunteers, industry leaders and United Way Suncoast staff to assess best practices, gather stakeholder requirements and foster open dialogue to accomplish our shared community goals.

The result of these efforts is a new process that will change how investments are made and timing of our commitments to enable us to better adapt to trends in giving, honor donor intent and maximize the impact of our community investments while placing greater emphasis on community collaboration. 

Trainings will be offered to interested agencies in November of this year with the process for requesting funding officially beginning in January 2020.  The shift in timing will create greater financial efficiencies and allow us to make more informed investment decisions.  And with this new process comes another significant change.  It’s important to note that any eligible agency can apply – not just those that have traditionally received UWS funding. 

What It All Means

By changing the timing to manage our resources with greater fiscal responsibility and opening up the investment process to an expanded applicant pool of agencies, investments can be made more strategically to agencies whose work best aligns with United Way Suncoast’s priorities.

We’re excited to launch this new process and we encourage continued input and involvement from our community stakeholders.  With primary focus on our mission and an investment framework built around early learning, youth success and financial stability, we’re committed to planning regionally and implementing locally to serve our communities and take on their toughest problems.

As United Way Suncoast donors, you are important partners in our efforts to drive change and create positive impact in our communities, and we are so grateful for your support.  To learn more about United Way Suncoast’s community investment process, please contact:

Ashley Heath

Director, Investment Strategies & Planning


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