Luncheon with The Penny Hoarder’s Kyle Taylor

It was a great pleasure to have Kyle Taylor, Founder and CEO of The Penny Hoarder, join us for the Young Leaders’ Society/Tocqueville Society Leadership Luncheon at Tampa International Airport. The Penny Hoarder has helped millions of people transform their finances, providing editorial and video programming with the sole purpose of helping people stress less about money, all while remaining self-funded and profitable since its inception in 2010. They aim for a ‘finance is personal’ approach, in which they emphasize no judgment, and personal contact and education is key.

Kyle spoke candidly about his passion for The Penny Hoarder and his future plans for the company, using education to help people achieve better finances, the importance of knowing one’s own weaknesses, mentorship and work-life balance. He also elaborated on his advice for young people: automate savings, realize you overpay for almost everything and have a side gig. Further, he detailed his future plans for his ever-evolving company and his hopes for extending The Penny Hoarder, better financial habits and learning to high schools. The Young Leaders’ and Tocqueville Societies are so grateful to host such an informative and personal speaker whose organizational goals are aligned with our own work with financial stability.

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