Letter from Dan Vigne

Dan Vigne, Chair of UWS Board

Dear Tocqueville Society Members,

When I assumed the role of chair for the United Way Suncoast Board earlier this year, I expected 2019 to be a year of transition with an upcoming change to United Way Suncoast’s investment process, the proposed expansion of our Campbell Park Resource Center and the rollout of Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud, a philanthropic platform we’re introducing to corporate partners in the region. 

What I didn’t expect was that this year of change would include the search for a new president & CEO for United Way Suncoast.  While we celebrate Suzanne McCormick’s promotion to her new role as U.S. President, United Way Worldwide and are grateful for her many accomplishments over the past five years, her departure leaves a void that we know we must take great care to fill.

With this change comes a responsibility to take a close look at our organizational needs and challenges over the next few years to assess the skills, experience and attributes that we need in United Way Suncoast’s next leader.  A search committee that includes board members, donors and community members was formed not long after Suzanne’s announcement, and under the leadership of Tocqueville Society member Dave Walker it has been focused and methodical in its approach.  There will be more to come on this in the coming weeks.

Change is also underway in south St. Petersburg with the expansion and move of the Campbell Park Resource Center into shared space with John Hopkins Middle School.  This proposed move was briefly mentioned in the July newsletter and I’m happy to report that work is now underway in this new location.  An article about the official opening of the resource center and what it will mean to the community is included in this newsletter.

United Way Suncoast’s new investment process marks another key change for the organization – one that will create greater accountability and efficiencies in how funds are invested across our communities.  As our most valued donors, you are key stakeholders in how United Way Suncoast manages its resources and community investments, and I encourage you to read the article about this new process to learn more.

All of this is making for an exciting time at United Way Suncoast and while change is sometimes difficult, it can also open the door to new possibilities. Finding a new leader with fresh perspective to build on Suzanne’s great work, enhancing our role as a community convener and collaborator with the launch of a new investment process, and fulfilling our mission by taking bold new steps in our neighborhood work to better serve children and families in south St. Petersburg – these are just some of the exciting opportunities before us. 

I’m energized by the passion and work of our staff, inspired by the dedication of our volunteers and grateful to each of you for your generous support.  During this time of transition, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  I appreciate your ongoing commitment to United Way Suncoast, the neighborhoods that we serve and the mission that connects us. 


Daniel E. Vigne
Chair, United Way Suncoast Board
Phone: 941-329-2655 · Email: dv54@ntrs.com