Next Generation Corporate Social Giving Platform

Your workforce has higher expectations.

They expect to be engaged. To be informed. To be empowered. To be inspired.

Attracting and retaining a highly engaged workforce means connecting with employees at a deeper level on the issues and causes that matter to them as well as to your organization.

Philanthropy has become a Strategic Business Priority.

Changes in the marketplace, digitization, global growth, generational trends, and a dynamic political landscape create new opportunity to easily connect across departments, cities, and globally around a shared mission to accelerate change.

Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud empowers companies and employees to put their values into action.

  • brings Salesforce technology and expertise with United Way’s network of impact and partners in an easy to use and centralized cloud platform.
  • Branded with your corporate identity
  • Preloaded from United Way with local impact stories and nonprofit needs
  • Real-time visibility to individual giving and aggregate for employee base
  • Easily customize promotional content
  • Einstein intelligence customizes content based on individual interests
  • Access to local volunteer opportunities
  • Available exclusively through United Way

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