Women United is a movement of women and women-identifying individuals committed to the mission and advocacy of United Way Suncoast. Our diverse membership is made up of advocates, volunteers and leaders. United Way Suncoast welcomes all donors who are inspired to support our work in early learning, youth success, financial stability and help in a crisis

Why Women United:

From the very beginning, United Way Suncoast has embraced and emboldened women leaders and continues to do so today under the guidance of a diverse board and the steadfast leadership of CEO Jessica Muroff.

We trace our roots to the founding of the Tampa Welfare League in 1924. The earliest newspaper mentions of the League referred to its first executive director as Mrs. G.W. Atkinson, given that she was married to Guy Atkinson. That soon changed, however and by 1925 she continued to build her sterling reputation as a caring but demanding force for change by her own name: Ruth W. Atkinson. This may not seem like a big deal today, but in the 1920s the change signified how the League helped Ruth develop into a respected leader.

Today, United Way Suncoast looks to honor her legacy by providing new paths to leadership development while calling on women from all walks of life to sustain the mission. As Atkinson said in an inclusionary statement that still resonates today: “We wish to develop from the bottom up and not from the top down. We cannot do this without knowing ourselves, knowing each other and knowing our relationship to each other and to the community as a whole.”

By joining Women United, you’ll be carrying on the legacy of great female leadership within the United Way, building our community’s future and empowering the women of tomorrow in their leadership and philanthropic endeavors.  

Benefits of Women United:


  • Regular updates from United Way Suncoast on our programs, initiatives, and advocacy.
  • Regional leadership opportunities to advocate and speak on behalf of United Way Suncoast.
  • Invitations to events exclusive to Women United members.
  • Volunteer and learning opportunities at United Way Suncoast and other local  nonprofits.
  • Enhanced networking opportunities
  • The ability to make a significant and lasting impact in our community. 

Join Women United:


Through your annual commitment of $1,000 or more, you’ll join hundreds of other philanthropic leaders in amplifying our advocacy and lighting a path towards greater opportunities for all. United Way Suncoast is pleased to offer a variety of ways to give, whether individually or through your workplace. Choose a one-time annual donation or monthly/quarterly installments over the course of the year.

You give our communities the Freedom to Rise. 


For more information, contact Jessica Maxon-BerrierSenior Manager, Individual Philanthropy, at 941-932-8259 or jmaxon-berrier@uwsuncoast.org.

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