Coordinator Spotlight: Mosaic

Allyson Walter, Mary Berecz and Stephen Berecz are a three-person coordinator team at Mosaic in Highland Oaks who prove day after day that collaboration and teamwork create excellence. All three work in the Information Technology department and have been co-coordinators for Mosaic, the world’s leading integrated producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash, for five years.

As coordinators, Allyson, Mary and Stephen have learned first-hand how United Way Suncoast makes an impact in the community and how to further our reach during critical situations. “During the Irma crisis we were able to provide insight to our co-workers and neighbors on resources available to assist during the aftermath.” All three of them derive satisfaction and joy from being able to help out their neighbors, friends and colleagues. “It’s rewarding being able to guide them and connect them with useful services.”

They cite tapping into their colleagues’ competitive spirits as a method that yields great success during their campaign. In addition, they strive to create as many touchpoints as possible with staff during the campaign and all year long to promote United Way Suncoast. “Year-round we participate in various drives to drive awareness. We encourage actual pledging by having daily prize drawings for those employees who have completed their pledge form. We follow up each pledge with a ‘thank you’ and a United Way balloon taped outside their office or cube. Seeing the balloons helps generate dialogue about United Way and encourages further interest.”

The wrap-up party at the end of the campaign is their way of saying “thank you” to the staff, as well as announcing their silent auction winners and providing a campaign update. “As our department tends to be more subdued, this switch to an animated crowd is infectious. Our wrap-up is always a high-spirited event with lots of laughter and a large attendance. This event sets an enduring tone for our relationship with United Way.”

More than anything, Allyson, Mary and Stephen would like others to know United Way Suncoast is there to provide a hand up. “We wish more people were aware of the services available for our veterans and others in need.” United Way Suncoast is grateful to have compassionate partners advocating for our work through their corporate campaign. To learn more about United Way Suncoast programs, click here.

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