Coordinator Spotlight: Rachel Foster

Rachel Foster, who works in Deloitte Audit Project Management, first learned about United Way Suncoast when she joined Deloitte in 2013. This year will mark her first year as campaign coordinator after serving on Deloitte’s United Way Suncoast committee, which assists the coordinator throughout the campaign, for four years. “I enjoy bringing all levels and service lines together in our office to support a cause,” Rachel said. “I host an annual campaign kickoff breakfast, where executives from United Way and other organizations come to our office and explain how their donations benefit members of our community.”  

It’s important that staff understand how much of an impact they make, and there’s no understating how Deloitte’s staff come out in force to support their community.

Rachel’s pride in her organization’s support for United Way Suncoast is evident when asked about her favorite moment so far as a campaign coordinator. “While kicking off our workplace giving campaign at Deloitte’s annual United Way Suncoast breakfast, I had the opportunity to share some striking figures about Deloitte’s involvement with the organization. Our 2018 Workplace Giving campaign raised over $20M in donations from our dedicated professionals to support United Way and US-recognized charities in communities across the country. Deloitte professionals have contributed approximately $20M annually for the past decade.”

Another point of pride and memorable moment was learning that Deloitte came in #23 on United Way’s Top 100 Most Generous Companies list for 2018. “We were presented a certificate from United Way Suncoast President and CEO Suzanne McCormick and Senior Relationship Manager Susan Ivins.  It felt great to be recognized for our efforts!”

We thank Rachel Foster for being a model advocate for United Way Suncoast and the entire Deloitte team for their generosity.

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