Apply Today: New Grant and Training opportunities for Suncoast Nonprofits

Beyond a Grant – Join us this fall to put Results First

Are you interested in multiplying the impact of your organization? Apply today to join the United Way Suncoast Results Team Program. The program is open to organizations serving Hillsborough, Pinellas, and/or DeSoto counties and provides group workshops and individual coaching sessions between August 2024 and March 2025. Participants learn simple, effective and sustainable tools and practices to define, track, verify and communicate the results of their initiative. Read more about the program in detail by following the links below.

The United Way Suncoast Results Team Program is available at no cost to you outside of your time and commitment. This program is an excellent opportunity to provide dedicated development to your team and connect with other leaders in our community. The program culminates with a showcase for potential investors interested in learning more about your work. 

Organizations of all sizes are eligible to apply. Our program is structured to provide right-sized support – the annual revenue for our previous cohorts ranged from $15,000 to $15 million. We particularly seek out organizations looking for an opportunity to innovate and scale. You can complete the application for our 2024-2025 team program by clicking here.

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ACE Grants: Creating Access, Building Capacity and Ensuring Equity

Our partners have spoken, and United Way Suncoast has listened: to spark innovation in the social sector, we must deepen our investments in people close to the work and allow space for creativity in both new ideas as well as expanding access to existing ones. The ability of ALICE families to thrive depends on it.

In recognition of the innovative potential in the Suncoast, we are launching a new community investment opportunity: the ACE Grant. Moving into our second century of service, continuing to build trust, honoring diverse thoughts, and supporting good ideas are essential to creating a foundation for greater impact.

The ACE grant is an operational investment of up to $20,000 in organizations with an annual revenue of up to $2.1 million. The funding is designed to help unlock barriers to innovation and spark the next steps forward for:

  1. Access: Services and solutions are only as effective as they are accessible. What does your organization need to effectively reach ALICE families?
  2. Capacity: Barriers such as inflation and unequal resources hit community -serving organizations especially hard. What would help your organization create the time, space, or experience to expand your ability to achieve meaningful outcomes?
  3. Equity: UWS is committed to challenging all factors of inequity and the impact they have on our community. What would allow your organization the opportunity to be more inclusive in your services and to whom they are delivered?

Our ACE grants will help us target areas of opportunity for our community partnerships and we actively seek both new ideas from existing partners as well as new applicants serving communities that align with our data-informed zones of focus. More detailed information on eligibility and UWS priorities can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions quick link below. Please consult this document before proceeding with your application. 

Applications will be accepted via our E-CImpact Grants portal. To access the portal, click here. New users will be required to establish their organization’s account by inputting their Employer Identification Number (EIN). Once logged in to E-CImpact, you will be able to navigate to the ACR Grant link and begin your application.

Resources to support your application:

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