Campaign Coordinator Spotlight – Heidi Coberly

Heidi Coberly, Campaign Coordinator at Ferman BMW/Mini of Palm Harbor, is proud to be employed by the Ferman Family who give so much back to the community in which they work and live. The Fermans have been dedicated and generous supporters of United Way for decades, holding annual workplace campaigns throughout their roster of dealerships.

Heidi has worked for Ferman for two stints totaling 18 years (as of 2023), serving as a liaison, administrator and cheerleader between the dealership and United Way Suncoast, and contributes to the campaign every year. As she says, “I’m grateful for an organization that can help people that I would like to help but can’t afford to. This way, my little contribution added to everyone else’s does just that…helps many, many people that need a helping hand. Praise God for the United Way and all the other charitable organizations that are doing a good job!” Her inspiration comes from knowing that the donations she, her coworkers and others across the region make add up to hundreds of thousands helped across our five counties each year.

Beyond getting employees to understand the “WHY” of giving during their annual campaign, Heidi enjoys working on a variety of activities to get them involved and having fun including an employee breakfast and contests like Cutest Pet. Before the breakfast, Heidi leads a rapid trivia game with gift cards and fun prizes. The game gets everyone sitting down and ready for campaign. She also sends out a letter to top vendors which adds an additional $4,000 to the Ferman contribution.

She wants everyone to know that United Way works through volunteer committees making decisions on how funds are distributed and directs people looking for assistance to our programs and those of our community partners that can best serve their needs.

Heidi describes herself as a mother of two, grandmother of two and great-grand MeMa of two (anyone sensing a pattern) who is grateful to her Heavenly Father for a wonderful life.

We are grateful for Heidi and all the other Ferman coordinators who work so diligently to make their campaign a success, year after year and decade after decade. Thanks for all that you do.

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