United Way Suncoast Unveils Its New Office Space

A Milestone In Growth & Community Commitment

United Way Suncoast is excited to declare the inauguration of our fresh office space, representing a notable achievement that signifies a new phase in our quest for advancement, creativity, and improved teamwork. This new office is a symbol of our steadfast dedication to delivering outstanding service, fostering a thriving work culture, and further engaging with our community.

Our fresh office is located at 4925 Independence Parkway, Suite 120, Tampa, FL 33634. You can find us in the Fountain Square II building, conveniently positioned off the Veterans Expressway and Independence Parkway, a little north of Rocky Point. Optimal accessibility is ensured, given that our suite is located on the ground floor. The office officially welcomed the United Way team on September 11, and we have organized a ribbon-cutting ceremony slated for October.

Crafting The Ideal Workspace For The Future Of Work

With our previous lease ending, and in line with the United Way Suncoast team’s enthusiasm for a hybrid work model, we recognized the necessity for a collaborative workspace. Accordingly, we meticulously designed our new office to cater to collaborative work and private office needs. This includes integrating essential technology to facilitate seamless hybrid meetings.

The previous office, spanning over 18,000 square feet and located on the 6th floor, primarily featured cubicles. In contrast, our new ground floor office, covering 9,500 square feet, offers substantial cost savings in rent compared to our prior location. Its strategic placement on the ground floor streamlines the loading and unloading of program supplies.

The layout of our new office is modern and thoughtfully designed, boasting 17 private offices available for reservations, two meeting rooms, a board room, an expansive open collaboration area, comfortable seating zones, and a spacious open-plan breakroom.

A Visionary Space For Collective Growth

Our new office transcends mere physicality; it encapsulates our values, ambitions, and the collaborative drive propelling our progress. Crafted to ignite creativity, foster teamwork, and facilitate the exchange of ideas, it stands as a catalyst for shaping our future triumphs.

We eagerly anticipate sharing this inspirational setting with all of you and observing the remarkable achievements and significant milestones that will undoubtedly arise from our combined efforts within these premises.

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