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United Way Suncoast to Launch Historic $18 Million Multi-Year Community Commitment

   Extending its role as the best way to help the most people, United Way Suncoast announced today it’s making a three-year commitment in 101 nonprofit programs that will total nearly $18 million. 

   The community investment represents a first in the leading nonprofit’s 98-year history — multi-year funding that will amplify the impact of the data-driven programs. In past years, United Way Suncoast issued annual allocations. Now the three-year commitment will empower the 88 nonprofits to boost the strategic planning behind the programs and grow together with United Way Suncoast.

   “Our strategic community partners requested a change to multi-year funding and the reasons are clear,” United Way Suncoast CEO Jessica Muroff said. “It’ll create trends and allow us to measure true impact; it’ll reduce the strain of the application process for the partners and UWS, and it’ll strengthen our ability to tell stories and fundraise.”

   The community investment is part of a broader mission to elevate ALICE (Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed) families and address the systemic barriers impeding their progress. United Way Suncoast helps hard working community members by strategically promoting early learning, youth success and financial stability. It focuses on neighborhoods, ZIP codes and school attendance zones where UWS’ investments and partnerships will make the biggest impact.

   “Parents pushing to ready their kids for kindergarten, students navigating the challenges of secondary education and families taking on inflationary prices can all look forward to continued and improved support,” Muroff said. “This multi-year investment not only propels United Way Suncoast’s community care, but it represents unyielding stewardship of our donors’ contributions.”

   A group of dedicated and trained volunteers conducted a thoughtful and thorough review in selecting proven nonprofit programs that align with UWS’ mission. The organizations will have to meet specific benchmarks to fulfill the three-year commitment. 

   As part of its new five-year strategic vision, UWS also is committed to deepening its community partner role so organizations can generate greater impact. Through this investment process, it has identified 45 organizations in need of a boost. UWS will add capacity building support, invest dollars, provide data, and share best practices to strengthen the organizations’ infrastructure, heightening their chances of long-term success.

   The first year of the $5.9 million investment will impact more than 100,000 people in UWS’ five-county region (Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, DeSoto). In addition to these programs, UWS operates its own initiatives to fuel its solution-oriented focus.

   While the impact of UWS’ initiatives and the community investment funding can’t be underestimated, the needs of our region remain high. The three-year, $18 million commitment to 88 nonprofits is historic, but UWS received $50 million in requests from more than 150 nonprofits. A recent survey of UWS strategic community partners indicated that nonprofit challenges have grown greater while the demand for their services continues to rise.

   The landscape brought on by post-pandemic woes, inflation and spiraling housing costs means UWS will continue to seek the support of corporate donors, employee campaigns and individual philanthropists. To learn more about how to give of your time, talent, and treasure, visit www.unitedwaysuncoast.org.

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