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United Way Suncoast-Results 1st Collaboration Yields Inspiration In Hillsborough

Nine Hillsborough nonprofits presented at the recent United Way Suncoast - Results 1st Showcase

United Way Suncoast strives for meaningful outcomes by supporting nonprofits through capacity building and technical assistance. In collaboration with Results 1st, a program focused on achievement-building for nonprofits, United Way Suncoast gave a select group of organizations an opportunity to go through training sessions to improve performance. 

On May 15, nine Hillsborough County nonprofits displayed what they gained from the program during a special showcase held at the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County. The participating nonprofit partners delivered inspiring and informative speeches, highlighting the impactful work being done in our community. The event aimed to leave all attendees feeling encouraged and optimistic about the future. 

Speeches Proved Inspiring, Resourceful

The event showcased nine organizations: Dawning Family Services, Alliance for Public Schools, Gentlemen’s Quest of Tampa, Inc., Dress for Success Tampa Bay, ECHO of Brandon, Girls Empowered Mentally for Success, Inc. (GEMS), Friends of the Children Tampa Bay, Hispanic Services Council, and The Grow Group. Each presentation  captured the audience’s attention and showcased the organization’s positive impact. 

The program from Results 1st emphasizes creating, delivering, and evaluating outcomes. Utilizing Results 1st tools, each team defines, tracks, verifies, and communicates the results of a new or enhanced program through project-based learning and practice. 

Gentlemen’s Quest Thrives

During the event, numerous speeches proved both inspiring and resourceful. Tavis Myrick, Executive Director of Gentlemen’s Quest left a powerful impression when he spoke about the youth they serve.  

“Frequent terms such as ‘at risk, ‘delinquent,’ and ‘neglected’ are used to describe the youth that we serve in Gentlemen’s Quest of Tampa Bay,” Myrick stated. “Our objective is to design programs that enable our students to encounter new experiences that promote new ideas about their future and life.”  

Gentlemen’s Quest of Tampa Bay Inc. strives to help program participants reach their full potential as students, make positive choices regarding their academics and behavior, and equip them with the necessary skills to become productive citizens after graduation. 

Myrick shared his program’s unique approach to serving a group of students who are often overlooked – those who are court-ordered to reside in residential programs. With the support of United Way, it developed a curriculum aimed at helping these youths exhibit appropriate behaviors for their age. Myrick stated that the program’s targets were twofold: to enable participants to make informed decisions and think critically, and to identify common financial scenarios where external factors may influence decision-making. The program’s goal was to steer participants who were on the wrong path toward a more positive future. Through real-life simulations, Gentlemen’s Quest challenged each participant to make informed decisions and take full responsibility for their finances. 

Dress For Success Learned Lessons

Dress for Success Tampa Bay delivered an inspiring speech that left a positive impact. Stacy Duffield, a board member of the organization, expressed her gratitude for being present and highlighted the work they do in the community. Their core workforce development program, Moving Forward, teaches women who are unemployed or underemployed how to enter or re-enter the workforce. By providing weekly training and coaching sessions in a nurturing and supportive environment, Dress for Success helps women accelerate their job search, gain professional skills, and build their self-confidence. 

Duffield emphasized that women from all walks of life have different challenges, but they all need guidance to find sustainable employment in Tampa Bay. Their services and programs empower and inspire women from all backgrounds to achieve economic independence, giving them the confidence and knowledge to take charge of their lives. Duffield credited the Results 1st training for helping them reshape and improve their workforce development program.  

The other organizations also delivered impressive and resourceful speeches. Leading up to the showcase, these organizations participated in group workshops and monthly coaching sessions with Results Guides to utilize the Results 1st methodology for achieving greater gains for the community they serve.  

Josh Dunn, United Way Suncoast’s Vice President for Investments & Partnership Strategies, expressed his gratitude towards the United Way Suncoast team members, board members, donors, and volunteers present at the event. Dunn also commended United Way Suncoast for making the investment in capacity-building for the organizations. He also spoke highly of the participating nonprofits and credited them for their willingness to present during the showcase.  

Click here to learn more about United Way Suncoast’s community investments.

Results Team Program Presentations – Hillsborough County: 

Visit these sites to learn more about the nonprofits that presented at the showcase.

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