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United Way Suncoast lauded for support of College and Career Preparation

King High principal Gregory Basham addresses the audience at the Hillsborough Education Foundation's EmpoerED Luncheon.

   When students filled the hallways of Tampa’s King High at the start of the school year, it proved to be a particularly busy time for school counselors. Dozens of teens enrolled on the first day and needed the counselors to compose complete schedules for them.

   Yet returning students who wanted to ignite their outlooks by attaining college and career guidance received it – even though the counselors were busy. Thanks to SCOPE – the Student Center Of Postsecondary Exploration – a dedicated team delivered for the King High students seeking advice about what lies ahead for them.

   United Way Suncoast is proud of its investment in the creation of SCOPE, joining Gopher Enterprises as a sponsor of the college and career center.

UWS receives kudos

   The Hillsborough Education Foundation and King High principal Gregory Basham lauded the impact of SCOPE at the foundation’s annual EmpowerED Luncheon on Sept. 13. Basham and Anna Corman, the foundation’s chief program officer, thanked United Way Suncoast and Gopher for its sponsorship, and said the foundation hopes to spur the creation of six more centers in the coming year.

   At United Way Suncoast, we invest in multiple programs, including SCOPE, to energize middle school and high school students on a path to post-secondary success. College and career preparation is a component of those investments. And invest is a key word because as good stewards of our donations, we ensure we get a return on our investments.

   HEF also recognizes the importance of guiding teens, with reports indicating that students develop a career plan as early as 9th grade but many lack a supportive adult to provide guidance. The ability of high school counselors to assist gets stretched because of increased mental health needs and heavy caseloads.

   SCOPE helps fill the gap by assisting students with post-graduation plans, including an exploration of two-year, four-year and technical training opportunities, admission applications and financial aid forms.

Future planning

   College and career preparation allows students to build their skills and interests to formulate goals leading to workforce opportunities. The foundation hopes to create six additional centers at Hillsborough County high schools in the coming months.

   The luncheon also marked the final official event for outgoing Hillsborough Education Foundation CEO Kim Jowell. Fortunately, she’s not going far as she will soon become the CEO of the Pinellas Education Foundation.

   United Way Suncoast partners with both foundations as part of our youth success initiatives. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Kim and both foundations.

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