Publix and United Way Suncoast Strengthen Communities Together

Earlier this month, the Publix Street Team of United Way Suncoast undertook a determined mission. Donning their United Way Suncoast T-shirts, each of the 19 team members began their journey at their local Publix stores and subsequently spread out to adjacent establishments. Ultimately, this dedicated team covered all 133 Publix stores across Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, and DeSoto counties.

During their efforts, they engaged with store managers and campaign coordinators, playing a crucial role in preparing for the upcoming 2023 United Way Suncoast workplace campaign.

Some even did a little shopping along the way — who can resist the smell of Publix’s famous Pub Subs or Popcorn Chicken? At every store, associates warmly greeted them. Publix loves United Way Suncoast as much as United Way Suncoast loves Publix.

Building Stronger Communities

Marking the commencement of a yearly initiative with a history of over four decades, this campaign serves as a bridge between the nonprofit and Publix associates. Stretching from Tarpon Springs to Arcadia, encompassing numerous towns and cities, the collaboration between Publix and United Way Suncoast fortifies the local community. As September unfolds, the street team participants will intensify their efforts by conducting additional visits and making calls to further solidify these connections. Amy Bott, Vice President of Corporate Philanthropy at United Way Suncoast, orchestrates this strategic approach.

Amy Bott

“Publix holds a preeminent status as our primary corporate collaborator, outshining all other entities in our local area with its fundraising endeavors,” Amy said. Impressively, this accolade reverberates on a global scale, as Publix has maintained its role as the foremost corporate partner for United Way Worldwide, an achievement spanning four consecutive years. From Amy’s vantage point, what sets Publix apart is its deep-rooted engagement across every corner and crevice of our expansive five-county region, which stretches from Tarpon Springs to Arcadia.

The corporate headquarters in Lakeland directs the Publix campaign in partnership with the United Way of Central Florida. Annually, United Way Suncoast guarantees extensive engagement through direct consultations with store managers and coordinators across our operational zone. Before October 1st, their dedication lies in executing a minimum of four proactive engagements, accomplished through either telephone dialogues or face-to-face encounters.

Empowering Associates Through A Comprehensive Strategy

“United Way Suncoast employs a multifaceted strategy involving leveraging a campaign website, impactful posters, and informative brochures,” Amy said. “Associates at chosen stores receive compelling presentations, further enhancing this approach. The central objective is to equip Managers and Coordinators with a holistic comprehension of United Way Suncoast’s mission. Consequently, this equips them to adeptly steer their colleagues in making pledges via the internal PASSport system.”

Celebrating A Decades Long Partnership

Jessica Muroff, CEO of United Way Suncoast, joined forces with Sean Wilkinson, a board member and store manager of Publix, to craft a heartfelt video conveying gratitude to Publix associates.

“The support of Publix associates helps United Way show up everyday in small and big ways,” Jessica said. Every single dollar in this partnership between United Way and Publix is helping those in need and that may be the person standing right next to you.

Jessica Muroff, Sean Wilkinson

“We love that Publix has been our partner for decades and that are values are aligned in the way that we show up and serve our neighbors,” Jessica said.

United Way Suncoast provides an array of programs and corporate partnership opportunities that make it enjoyable and straightforward to contribute to our community. If you would like to learn more, please click here. 

The entire United Way Suncoast team extends its genuine appreciation to Publix for your steadfast devotion.

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