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Manatee County Government’s Inspiring Diaper Challenge With Parenting Matters

A Path To Positive Change

During a visit to a local Parenting Matters initiative in Bradenton, where she delivered holiday toys, Morgan Wilbik, the United Way Coordinator for Manatee County Government, engaged with staff and families. She uncovered the financial strain that many were experiencing, especially regarding the cost of children’s diapers. This insight sparked her determination to make a positive impact.

Morgan Wilbik

At this pivotal moment, the Manatee County Government’s Utilities Department embraced a challenge, initiating an unwavering journey of support. They collectively aimed to amass an abundance of diapers for Parenting Matters, and this passionate effort endured throughout August.

Manatee County Government’s Grand Celebration

In the spirit of unity and giving back, the Manatee County Government orchestrated a remarkable Utilities Charity Event on September 21, 2023. It not only commemorated the achievement of the diaper collection drive but also acknowledged the unwavering dedication of employees. The event was graced with inspiring speeches from County Commissioners and the Deputy County Administrator, underscoring the profound impact of community engagement.

Fueled by determination and a goal to collect around 1,000 diapers, Morgan Wilbik experienced an unexpected and immensely successful turn in this initiative. “We could have never imagined amassing such a staggering number of diapers—over 55,500, to be precise,” Morgan said. The initiative witnessed an outpouring of generosity, with not only employees but also external vendors wholeheartedly contributing to this impactful cause.

Champion Of The Diaper Challenge
Katie Becker, Kevin Morris

Kevin Morris, the Wastewater Deputy Director at Manatee County Government, achieved a remarkable victory in the diaper challenge. Katie Becker, the Executive Director of Parenting Matters at Manatee County Government, passionately inspired and expressed heartfelt appreciation to all involved. “Through your collective efforts, parents can now shed one less worry, and their little ones will thrive in safety and care,” Katie said.

Evan Pilachowski, Utilities Director for Manatee County Government, stressed the imperative of swiftly distributing diapers to families. “We’re dedicated to making a meaningful difference and fully grasp the urgency,” Evan said.

Diaper Drive Success Fueled By Dedication

The substantial quantity of distributed diapers stands as an undeniable triumph. “I could have never imagined amassing this generous number of diapers,” Morgan said. She acknowledged the incredible dedication of everyone in the Utilities department, recognizing their selflessness and “hearts of gold.”

Considering the remarkable success of this event, Casey Zempel, the Communications Manager of Manatee County Government, expressed his heartfelt appreciation. “We achieved an abundance of diapers, with a flood of donations—a direct result of the Utilities Department Diaper Drive,” Casey said. An engaging challenge spurred determination among three divisions, fueling their efforts to collect the most for Parenting Matters.

A Vision Of Collective Impact & Future Challenges

United Way Suncoast dedicates itself to driving transformative change and uplifting the community through collective efforts. Our collaboration with Parenting Matters showcases a compassionate success story, especially highlighting the triumph of the Parenting Matters Diaper Drive.

Looking ahead, the Manatee County Government is preparing for a new challenge next year, targeting a different organization and essential item. Their steadfast commitment to making a positive impact remains resolute, and they eagerly anticipate embarking on this journey in the upcoming year.

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