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Tocqueville Society members give to United Way Suncoast for many different reasons. How do we know? Because you told us! And it’s your stories of supporting United Way Suncoast and giving back to our community that inspire us to give our best every day. Read on to learn why some Tocqueville Society donors give – in their own words.

“Many years ago, I worked for an organization whose leadership was highly committed to United Way. As the campaign was underway, I learned that someone on my staff had once relied on United Way for survival. Her husband had left her with three children and no funds. She was young – and through United Way, she was able to not only get short-term support to feed and clothe her children, she also was able to go to college part-time to advance her education so she could better support her family in the future. I researched the ratings of United Way and was so impressed. I loved that the dollars stay local and that you have the option to earmark funds if you have something you are passionate about. I learned from my staff member’s experience that life is unpredictable and any of us could find ourselves in need at some time in our lives. That was the year I committed to giving a minimum of ten percent of my income to United Way. As my salary grew, that commitment has allowed for greater contribution … and I’m filled with gratitude each time I give.”

“We’re long-time supporters of United Way and have appreciated its efforts on behalf of our local community wherever we happen to be living. It’s comforting as a donor to know that funds go to where they can make a difference, and that there is a high level of accountability.”

“We believe that we have a purpose to make the world a better place – using the gifts we have been given. We have been blessed with great opportunities and want to help others on their journeys to happy, meaningful and productive lives … We especially want to have a positive impact on children and their families because we believe that’s the key for breaking cycles of abuse, neglect and poverty and building a brighter future for them, our communities and our world.”

“Being involved and giving back to our community has always been important to us. Our families and mentors have played important roles in our lives and their examples have taught us to value others and our community. We know that we are very fortunate for the opportunities that we have been given and it’s important to us to give our time and resources to help our community thrive.”

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