Evara Health to Offer Services at Campbell Park Resource Center

The Pinellas County School Board approved a motion on Feb. 22 to extend the school district’s partnership with United Way Suncoast so it can add Evara Health to its list of community providers at the Campbell Park Resource Center.

Evara will open a health center this summer at the resource center that will improve access to care for John Hopkins and Campbell Park students as well as families and community members living in the area.

“We know that keeping a family healthy keeps a kid healthy and keeping a kid healthy keeps a kid in school,” said Nichelle Threadgill, chief medical officer for Evara Health.

Evara, a federally-qualified health center with 12 locations and a 42-year history in Pinellas County, approached the school district and the district advised it to broker an agreement with UWS.

United Way Suncoast operates the Campbell Park Resource Center in the rear of John Hopkins Middle School in South St. Petersburg. At the site, it provides a number of services to community members, and space for several strategic community partners including city of St. Petersburg, Bay Area Legal and Pinellas County Urban League.

While United Way Suncoast welcomes the expansion of services offered at the resource center, UWS will not oversee the delivery of health services or be responsible for the care delivered by Evara.

School officials praised the addition and the work of United Way Suncoast and senior manager Dr. Jeffery Johnson.

“I think it’s a fantastic partnership,” said school board member Caprice Edmond, who frequently volunteers at the resource center. “Having strong partnerships with everyone else who’s willing to lend a hand to help the children and faculty of this community is powerful.”

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