5 Ways to Encourage Employee Volunteerism

For many workplaces, the importance of employee engagement and volunteerism has become more apparent, not only in showcasing a company’s values but also in impacting workplace morale. In their 2017 Volunteer Impact Survey, Deloitte found that 77% of employees believe company-sponsored volunteer activities are essential to employee well-being, and 74% believe volunteerism provides an improved sense of purpose. Attracting and retaining a highly engaged workforce means connecting with employees at a deeper level on the issues and causes that matter to them as well as to your organization.

So, how do we engage employee volunteerism to an even greater scale and ensure staff understand the impact they’re making?

  1. Invest in a giving platform. By making workplace giving and employee volunteering as easy and accessible as possible with a cloud giving platform, you connect employees with volunteering opportunities and giving campaigns with just one click and empower them to make a difference easier than ever before.

  2. Engage employees year-round. Utilize the Corporate Engagement Calendar for more ways to keep employees involved with United Way Suncoast year-round. Share the benefits of being a friend of United Way Suncoast, including discounted tickets to local sporting and other events.

  3. Strategize and use incentives to boost participation. Set participation rate as a company goal rather than dollar amount to emphasis the importance of staff engaging in corporate philanthropy. Hold a raffle for everyone who participates and offer rewards such as prime parking spots, days off, gift cards and more. Friendly competitions between stores/branches/locations/departments based on participation rate have been known to increase engagement. And be sure to thank everyone! Giving them regular totals and progress reports throughout the campaign can help drive giving and participation.

  4. Get leadership involved. The top senior staffers are in the unique position of inspiring their employees as well as leading by example when it comes to engagement. By involving your corporate officers and directors, you show that philanthropy is something your company takes seriously at every level.

  5. Begin with new hires. Start a new hire program that gives new employees the opportunity to make a contribution when they join your organization and to include them in the culture of giving. Consider making volunteerism a part of the orientation process and making your company’s commitment to philanthropy and corporate giving clear right from the start.
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