Campaign Coordinator Spotlight – Stephen Ponzillo

United Way Suncoast Campaign Coordinator Stephen Ponzillo with daughter Caroline.

   When it comes to community service, United Way Suncoast campaign coordinator Stephen Ponzillo can cite his engagement with a number of organizations.

   A vice president and community relations officer with Regions Bank, Stephen finds time when he’s not working to serve as the Board Secretary for Girl Scouts of West Central Florida and as Board Treasurer for the Florida Alliance of Community Solutions. A proud member of Leadership Florida’s Education Class 6, he also maintains a spot in the Tampa Bay Partnerships’ Talent Working Group Education Subcommittee. And, he’s a part of Regions’ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Networks in Tampa Bay, Miami and Orlando.

   Yet the best depiction of his giving heart is not found in a busy boardroom or on a virtual meeting screen. It’s in a photo of him with his 10-year-old daughter Caroline volunteering for the Great American Teach-In.

   “For me, it always starts with my daughter,” Stephen says. “Not only do I want the very best for her and her future, but I also want to do my best to play a role in making sure other kids have the same opportunities she has to learn, grow and dream of a brighter tomorrow.”

A Model Of Service

   Clearly, Stephen models the importance of service for Caroline and he reflects that service in his 17-year career track. Before joining Regions, he had stints with the CDC of Tampa and at his alma mater Notre Dame. In South Bend, he guided a university program that worked to empower high school students to pursue their college goals.

   Not to be overlooked: the three years Stephen spent working for United Way Tampa Bay, the predecessor to United Way Suncoast. Today, the first-hand experience with the organization inspires him to continue his engagement with United Way. He knows the role it plays in elevating early learning, empowering middle school and high school students and empowering families and community members through financial stability.

   “I am a passionate advocate for helping children and families rise above obstacles to find success,” Stephen says. “I am always proud to give to, advocate for, and volunteer with United Way. My head knows that a measurable difference is being made, and my heart is full of gratitude for the opportunity to be part of something so special.”

A More Vibrant Suncoast

   Being part of United Way means inspiring his Regions Bank colleagues to donate during its annual workplace campaign. He works as part of a team to share the United Way message. He often updates his colleagues on the impact United Way is making, and highlights a myriad of ways they can each be engaged year-round. Part of the effort includes watching associates from each county win a Regions beach cruiser through a special drawing for donors.

   “Our associates often see these bikes, or even help to procure them for local organizations, but rarely do they have a chance to win one,” Stephen said.

   At United Way Suncoast, we’re honored to have Stephen on the team. We look forward to his continued involvement as a coordinator and an ambassador. He’s working to help more people understand the full depth and breadth of the impact of our organization. Read more about how you can join Stephen’s efforts.

   “The work United Way does through its leadership, partnership and stewardship is incredible,” Stephen says. “We at Regions are proud to be a small part of the bigger vision for a brighter, more vibrant Suncoast.”

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