A letter from Suzanne McCormick

Dear Friends,

Since January’s wonderful Tocqueville 30th anniversary celebration at The James Museum in St. Petersburg, I’ve been thinking about the events in our lives that are so significant and carry such importance that we choose to commemorate them in some way.

Whether those events mark anniversaries, outstanding accomplishments or heartbreaking tragedies, they are moments that bring us together, inspire us and remind us to be grateful.

The Tocqueville anniversary event was certainly one of those moments of celebration and gratitude – an opportunity to highlight 30 years of accomplishment and recognize the contributions of some extraordinary individuals who have made a significant difference in our community through their generosity and unwavering commitment.  

Our honorees that evening, Tom and Mary James, Jim and Celia Ferman, Bob and Cathy Smith, Dave and Debbie Walker, Barbara and Al Siemer, and The Barnett Family, truly exemplify the spirit of philanthropy and they each stand as an example of what can be accomplished by people who care about their communities and are committed to creating positive change.

We were very grateful for the opportunity to express our appreciation to these wonderful supporters, but the evening was also a chance to thank our entire Tocqueville family and the dedication of so many friends whose support continues to sustain our work.  As Tocqueville members, each of you continues to make a difference as we take on some of our community’s toughest challenges and we are very thankful for your support and commitment.

While we won’t again soon host an anniversary event like that special evening in January, I hope you’ll take pride in the significant role that you continue to play in our community and remember that night as a celebration of all of you – donors who choose to make a difference.  

Before closing, there’s one other important anniversary I’d like to mention.  For those of you who were able to join us at The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art, you were treated to an evening at one of the region’s newest and most impressive cultural treasures.  I hope you’ll join me in congratulating Tom and Mary James and The James Family as they celebrate the first anniversary of this beautiful new museum!

To our entire Tocqueville family – thank you all for your generous support.  

With warm regards,

Suzanne McCormick
President and CEO