United Way Suncoast Staff List

Office of the President


Suzanne McCormick

President & CEO

Dawn Stuart
Manager, Administration Services

As United Way Suncoast’s Chief Executive Officer, Suzanne McCormick leads one of Florida’s largest United Ways, ensuring connections are made that cultivate growth, increase community impact and optimize delivery of the organization’s strategic plan to break the cycle of generational poverty.

McCormick previously provided leadership at United Way of Greater Portland for 13 years, four of which as its president and CEO. She was also the CEO for both the American Red Cross of Southern Maine and People’s Regional Opportunity Program. After graduating from Duke University, McCormick served two years in Thailand for the U.S. Peace Corps. McCormick lives in Tampa with her husband, two children and two Boston Terriers. She enjoys long-distance running, volunteering for her children’s schools and attending their soccer games, and actively participating in community organizations and boards.

Staff Region Email Phone
Suzanne McCormick
President & CEO
Regional smccormick@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0907
Patti Bernor
Regional pbernor@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0919
Dawn Stuart
Manager, Administrative Services
Regional dstuart@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0924

Local Area Presidents

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Emery Ivery
Tampa Bay Area President

Rebecca Samora
Administrative Assistant, Tampa Bay

As the Tampa Bay Area President for United Way Suncoast, Emery Ivery provides regional leadership in developing strategies to address the root causes of community issues, thereby creating lasting community change in the Tampa Bay region. Emery has nearly 30 years of experience working at United Way, including senior-level management positions in Tacoma, Wash., Orlando, Fla., and his hometown of Cleveland.

In March 2006, Emery brought his talents to United Way Suncoast as the Vice President of Community & Partnership Development, becoming Sr. Vice President
in 2009. Emery holds a master’s degree in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University and a bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University. Emery is an avid reader and runner who lives in Apollo Beach with his wife, Annette.

Mireya Eavey
Sarasota Area President

Shelle Austin
Administrative Assistant, Sarasota

As the Sarasota Area President, Mireya provides strategic and operational direction for all United Way Suncoast community programs in DeSoto and Sarasota counties. Prior to joining United Way Suncoast, Mireya led CareerEdge Funders Collaborative (which provides an exceptional labor force to the region’s growing industries by leveraging community assets and forming high-performing workforce partnerships), which, in 2016, she brought under the umbrella of United Way Suncoast’s Sarasota-area financial stability services, a reinforcement of the work in this key component of the organization’s strategic plan.

Previously to leading CareerEdge, Mireya was the Workforce and Project Manager for the Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County, and Board Records Manager for the Clerk of Circuit Court in Sarasota. Mireya holds an MBA from Argosy University with a concentration in Sustainable Systems, and a BA in Business Administration from the University of South Florida.

Community Impact

Staff Region Email Phone
Mireya Eavey
Sarasota Area President
Regional meavey@uwsuncoast.org (941) 328-6972
Emery Ivery
Tampa Bay Area President
Regional eivery@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0961
Shelle Austin
Administrative Assistant, Sarasota
Sarasota Area saustin@uwsuncoast.org (941) 328-6973
Sheryl Boddy
Financial Stability Program Manager
Sarasota Area sboddy@uwsuncoast.org (941) 228-9951
Nicole Brown
Mgr, Education Strategies
Tampa Bay Area nbrown@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0998
Holly Bullard
Director, Financial Stability Initiatives
Regional hbullard@uwsuncoast.org (941) 328-6978
Leroy Butler
Resource Center Associate
Sarasota Area lbutler@uwsuncoast.org (941) 549-0682
James Cardwell
Senior Manager, Workforce Development, CareerEdge
Regional jcardwell@uwsuncoast.org (941) 328-6983
Deborah Chapman
CareerEdge Program Director
Sarasota Area dchapman@uwsuncoast.org (941) 328-6985
Ashlyn Diaz
Program Associate, Campbell Park Program
Tampa adiaz@uwsuncoast.org (727) 280-3566
Eduardo Feliz
Senior Manager, Sulphur Springs Resource Center
Tampa efeliz@uwsuncoast.org (813) 936-3064
Gina Gallo
Director, CI Operations & Integration
Regional ggallo@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0941
Doug Griesenauer
Senior Manager, Financial Stability
Regional dgriesenauer@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0939
Ashley Heath
Senior Manager, Investment Strategies
Regional aheath@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0910
Mamie Jackson
Manager, Neighborhood Initiatives Campbell Park
Tampa Bay Area mjackson@uwsuncoast.org (727) 433-3829
Paula Kay
Senior Manager, Neighborhood Initiatives
Operation Graduate
Tampa Bay Area pkay@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0936
David Lammers
Manager, Financial Stability Strategies
Tampa Bay Area dlammers@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0980
Loveline LeStage
Healthcare Navigator & Financial Coach
Tampa Bay Area llestage@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0917
Michael Maurino
Director, Public Policy
Regional mmaurino@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0925
Sandra Mendoza
Manager, Booker Middle School Resource Center
Sarasota smendoza@uwsuncoast.org (941) 328-697
Lauren Meyer
Communications and Data Coordinator, CareerEdge
Sarasota Area lmeyer@uwsuncoast.org (941) 328-6984
Lauralee Routier
Resource Center Associate
Tampa Bay Area lroutier@uwsuncoast.org (813) 936-3064
Xavier Russell
Director, Neighborhood Initiatives
Regional xrussell@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0978
Rebecca Samora
Administrative Assistant
Tampa Bay Area rsamora@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0967
Ellen Zinzeleta
Director, Education Strategies
Regional ezinzeleta@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0938

Resource Development and Workplace Campaigns


Jamie Renee

Chief Development Officer
(813) 274-0979

Jamie Renee wants to change the world by changing the way America gives. Under Jamie’s direction, resource development here at United Way Suncoast is about an innovative approach to both fundraising and giving. She firmly believes in building unique and dynamic philanthropic partnerships with donors to show them the impact of their dollars and the deep appreciation for their trust. An aggressive strategist with a passion for advocacy, Jamie is also known for her visionary thinking and precise execution. Jamie brings more than a decade of Tampa-area nonprofit development experience to the organization, as well as success as a private-sector general manager, overseeing sales, accounting, operations, marketing and production departments. She serves on the board of Athletes + Causes, a nonprofit organization that inspires athletes and coaches in their philanthropic efforts to instill hope.
Staff Region Email Phone
Jamie Renee
Chief Development Officer
Regional jrenee@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0979
Jennifer Giresi
Executive Administrative Assist
Regional  jgiresi@uwsuncoast.org  (813) 274-0911
Ilise James
Senior Corporate Relationship Manager
Tampa Bay Area ijames@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0942
Susan Ivins
Senior Corporate Relationship Manager
Tampa Bay Area sivins@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0943
Jennifer Kilburg
Senior Corporate Relationship Manager
Tampa Bay Area jkilburg@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0923
Michael Lewallen
Corporate Relationship Manager
Tampa Bay Area mlewallen@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0901
Trish McConnell
Senior Corporate Relationship Manager
Sarasota Area tmcconnell@uwsuncoast.org (941) 328-6987
Melissa Miller
Corporate Relationship Manager
Tampa Bay Area mmiller@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0948
Cassandra Montes
Senior Corporate Relationship Manager
Tampa Bay Area cmontes@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0944
Phuong Nguyen
Director, Leadership Giving and New Busines
Regional pnguyen@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0960
Nancy Ostrander
Senior Director, Corporate Philanthropy
Regional nostrander@uwsuncoast.org (941) 328-6975
Julie Sills-Molock
Director, Major Gifts
Tampa Bay Area jsills-molock@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0918
Valerie Yates
Director, Major Gifts
Sarasota Area vyates@uwsuncoast.org (941) 328-6986

Marketing and Communications


Deanna Willsey

Chief Marketing Officer

Deanna Willsey is a runner. Whether it’s running marathons or the Marketing and Communications department for one of Florida’s largest United Ways, Deanna always strives to sprint to a first-place finish. As Chief Marketing Officer, Deanna is focused on leading initiatives that increase community awareness and engagement with the programs and services supported by United Way Suncoast.
With a BSBM and MBA from University of Phoenix, Deanna helps bring a fresh, creative approach leading the team dedicated to Strategic Marketing, Public Relations, Event Marketing, Online and Social Media, Creative Services and Communications efforts.
Her roles at Cox Target Media/Valpak and G2Communications as Director of Business to Business Marketing, Director of Corporate Communications and Director of Marketing and Communications have provided more than two decades of experience leading a variety of online and offline marketing and public relations strategies.
Originally from Rochester, N.Y., Deanna has lived in the Tampa Bay area since the early 80’s and loves being in a position to make a difference in her adopted community. Before joining the United Way Suncoast team, Deanna was a long time supporter including being a leadership donor, serving on the United Way Marketing Committee for two years, and chaired the workplace campaign for five years at her previous employer.
Staff Region Email Phone
Deanna Willsey
Chief Marketing Officer
Regional dwillsey@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0951
Agnes Bradford
Director, Creative Services
Regional abradford@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0955
Nicholas Castro
Director, Volunteer Engagement Strategies
Regional ncastro@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0932
Devan Endlich
Manager, Marketing and Communications
Regional dendlich@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0984
Erik Klaver
Senior Graphic Designer
Regional eklaver@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0981
Jonathan Terry
Manager, Corporate & Community Engagement
Regional jterry@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0902
Ashley Zarle
Special Events Manager
Regional azarle@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0954


Carrie Zeisse

Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Carrie oversees the administration, finance, operations, and technology departments of the organization, as well as collaborates with staff and the Board of Directors to lead the development, execution and monitoring of the organization’s strategic plan. A native of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Carrie holds a master’s of business administration from the MIT Sloan School of Management as well as a bachelor of fine arts from Maine College of Art. She has spent more than a decade in the social impact sector supporting innovative, community-level change initiatives to advance the common good. Carrie enjoys living on the Suncoast with her family.
Staff Region Email Phone
Carrie Zeisse
Chief Operating Officer
Regional czeisse@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0905
Dallas Smith, Jr.
Vice President, Information Technology
Regional dsmith@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0906
Larry Coons
Manager, Online Giving and Deskside Services
Regional lcoons@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0976
Karen Fandrick
Admin Assistant, Operations & Marketing
Regional kfandrick@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0970
Mindy Forey
Vice President, Finance & Operations
Regional mforey@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0912
Tracie Hill
Vice President, Talent and Organization Development
Regional thill@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0913
Katie Hopkins
Accounts Payable
Regional khopkins@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0975
Andreea Lloyd
Senior Manager, Accounting
Regional alloyd@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0930
Sherri Mancuso
Manager, Donor Choice
Regional smancuso@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0929
Nicole Moschen
Senior Manager, Pledge Processing
Tampa Bay Area nmoschen@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0934
Susan Ryan
Senior Manager, Donor Services
Regional sryan@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0921
Karim Zurita
Database Analyst
Regional kzurita@uwsuncoast.org (813) 274-0931