For many families, making ends meet is a challenge that requires sacrifices. When earned wages don’t support the basic needs of a family and when debt and poor money management skills rob individuals of their dreams, a cycle of hopelessness and poverty is perpetuated with negative implications for present and future generations. United Way Suncoast, with assistance from regional collaborative partners, is committed to breaking this cycle by leading and participating in programs focused on two intermediate outcomes:

  • Families and individuals increase income
  • Families and individuals build financial assets

Our partnership with more than 15 agency-based training and employment programs provide job skills education and employment services to thousands of job seekers in our region. This investment was begun during a time of unprecedented economic downturn and, for many, these services made the difference between continued stability and unexpected crisis. United Way invests in unique programs designed to help eliminate barriers and assist individuals in their efforts to obtain and retain employment. By assisting with the transportation, childcare and incidental needs that often prevent individuals from maintaining stable employment, United Way helped pave a clear path to stability for hundreds of families throughout DeSoto, Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Sarasota Counties. In addition, United Way actively facilitated a wide range of beneficial partnerships to advance programs designed to help low-income families and individuals achieve financial independence. Among these programs are the following highlights:

  • As part of the Prosperity Campaigns of Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties plus the VITA Programs in Sarasota and DeSoto Counties, United Way supports free tax preparation assistance and education regarding Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC) at numerous locations throughout the four county region.
  • United Way leads the Individual Development Account (IDA) program, a collaboration of more than 35 community partners dedicated to helping hard-working families and individuals save to accomplish a personal dream of home ownership, continuing education or starting a small business.
  • Working in partnership with regional agencies, United Way provides individualized guidance to people seeking to repair credit, repair banking relationships and manage their money more effectively.

Our vision for helping families and individuals achieve financial stability is not just about facilitating better opportunities for those facing crisis today. Our work is designed to help families proudly achieve financial independence while setting the example in the home for what is possible when education, wise money management and dedication to achieving better personal conditions are a priority.