SNN: No obstacle gets in the way of United Way

SARASOTA – Saturday morning, residents put their athleticism to a test for a good cause at the 2nd Annual United Way’s Suncoast obstacle course.

Sponsors, families, track clubs and volunteers participated in the grueling three-mile course at the Sarasota Celery Fields.

Packed with more than a dozen obstacles from a barb wire crawl to a 12-foot wall climb to a hill run.

The race is a metaphor for the organization’s mission.

“When you think about a family. Not everyone is born with the same opportunities. Not everyone has the same opportunity in their lives. So United Way, much like the teams out here today, they’re helping each other achieve and overcome obstacles in front of them,” said Deanna Willsey, Chief Marketing Officer with United Way, Sarasota.

All proceeds were donated to families needing assistance with education and financial stability.