Private screening held of human sex trafficking documentary and movie

WWSB ACB7 Sarasota

January 10, 2017


SARASOTA, Fla. – Folks came together at CineBistro for a very exciting event.  The hot topic of human trafficking is being highlighted.

“There was hopelessness, fear,” said Tenesha Cargil, a human sex trafficking survivor.

Cargil is one of the women featured in the documentary The Hero Effect, which was privately screened Tuesday night and highlights the work of More Too Life.  Cargil tells us she was involved with human sex trafficking for eleven years, starting at a very young age.  Today, thanks to More Too Life, she says she has changed her life forever.

“I feel joyous, I feel happy, I feel full of life,” said Cargil.

There were many sex trafficking survivors on hand for this event as well as a standing room only audience.  In addition to The Hero Effect, the private screening also included the Hollywood movie Sold, which also focuses on the world of human trafficking.  Dr. Brook Bello, Executive Director of More Too Life says this is a big night for her and her organization.

“We’re hoping that a lot of our locals and a lot of our stakeholders, just peer in another layer and another level to a celebratory moment of some of the national work that More Too Life has been able to do,” said Bello.

Even though it was an enjoyable night out, folks who were in attendance didn’t lose sight of the major problem of human sex trafficking here on the Suncoast.

“I think it’s such an important issue, it’s something that not everyone sees,” said Suzanne McCormick, President and CEO of United Way Suncoast.  “But it’s affecting people and we need to increase awareness.”

“As people learn about it, they can address, they can attack it, they can fix it, they can really help it really get better,” said Jay Berman, who is on the Board of Directors with More Too Life.

It’s an event CineBistro tells us they were happy to host.

“I like to quote what Dr. Bello said, it’s bringing film and philanthropy together,” said Felicia O’Brien, an Events and Sales Manager with CineBistro.

The Hero Effect will be televised on the Oprah Winfrey Network this Saturday.