Don’t want to file taxes on your own? A local organization lends a helping hand

About 33% of Americans file their own taxes yearly.

If you plan to be apart of that percentage there are a few ways to make the tax filing process easy.

First, make sure you know the filing deadline which is April 17th. Filing before that date will help you avoid any penalties for filing late or not filing at all.

Also, review last year’s returns. Taking a look at that information can make this year easier.

Last year’s return will have all social security numbers for dependents and employer ID numbers so you don’t have to go into that filing cabinet or briefcase.

One last thing, make sure to double and triple check your return.

Any mistake can cause you a big headache and could possibly lead you receiving the wrong refund.

If you don’t want the weighty responsibility of filing your taxes on your own, United Way Suncoast and the Manatee Community Action Agency is lending a helping hand this season through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program also known as the VITA Program.

Volunteer certified IRS tax preparers are doing taxes for free of charge for anyone who made less than $66,000 last year.

There are about 22 locations throughout Manatee and Sarasota counties.

All you need to do is bring last year’s return, your social security card, a photo ID and of course your W2s and tax statements.

You can find out how to file your taxes for free through the VITA program at this link